Camp in Świeradów Zdrój – July 2017

Aikido and kenjutsu camp was held in Świeradów Zdrój in Izery Mountains on 23-31 July 2017. Program included basic aikido techniques, applications, tanto dori (defence against knife attack), basic jo (strikes) suburi, kumijo (jo vs jo), basic kata (forms) and kamae (positions) with sword from Kashima Shin school and reactions against any sword attack. The emphasis was on exercising the ability […]

Seminar with Minoru Inaba sensei in Bad Saarow

Andrzej Bazylko sensei had the honor to participate on the 20 – 23 May 2017 in the seminar directed in Bad Saarow, Germany by Minoru Inaba sensei – master of Kashima Shin Ryu on the occasion of the opening of Himorogi Budojo. Invited students practised at the swimming pool maximum relaxation of muscles, which are not responsible for the […]

VII nationwide Kashima Shin Ryu seminar

VII nationwide Kashima Shin Ryu seminar, directed by Andrzej Bazylko (5 dan aikido, chuden Kashima Shin Ryu) and Adam Radecki (4 dan aikido, chuden Kashima Shin Ryu), was held on the 30th April – 2 May 2017 in Walcz. The following topics were researched: relaxing body in stress situation of fight, lowering center of gravity, expanding center […]

Pascal Durchon in Warsaw for the 30-th time

We had an occasion to host Pascal Durchon (6 dan) for the 30-th time on the 11 March 2017. We practised basic forms of kumijo this time in reaction to attack choku tsuki. We also worked on the control of balance of the attacker in the moment of receiving attack and on keeping contact throughout the […]

Justyna Waśniewska – 2 dan

Great congratulations to Justyna! Sometimes you have to overcome a lot of adversities, if you want to achieve something, but success after many troubles is more pleasant. Congratulations also to Piotr Ożdziński, student of Jacek Czerniachowicz, who got the grade of 3 dan.

Kashima Shin Ryu sojutsu seminar

The first Kashima Shin Ryu sojutsu seminar, directed by Andrzej Bazylko sensei, designed for advanced kenjutsu students, was held on the 17 December 2016. We worked on yari awase, in which both sides do simultaneous thrust to feel te no uchi of the oponent. Kata kenjutsu ashi barai ukibune and wari tsuki, in which uke attacked using […]

Polish Kashima Shin Ryu leaders visit Minoru Inaba sensei at Shiseikan

Andrzej Bazylko, Tomasz Sowiński and Adam Radecki – Polish Kashima Shin Ryu leaders visited, on the 5 – 11 November 2016 at Shiseikan in Tokyo, Minoru Inaba sensei – master of Kashima Shin Ryu. Seminar started with trainings at the Tokyo Olympic Center swimming pool, where Inaba sensei taught how to move smoothly walking into the water and control center of gravity. Doing shiko, exercise of sumo […]