Aikido Andrzej Bazylko
Aikido Andrzej Bazylko Warszawa - efektywne nauczanie aikido, skuteczna samoobrona, aikido dla dzieci, aikido dla młodzieży, nauczanie aikido dzieci młodzieży i dorosłych, skuteczna obrona przed każdym rodzajem ataku

Camp in Sielnica

We were participating in the aikido and kenjutsu camp in Sielnica on the 16 – 25 July 2016. We worked on keeping and using contact in the action, control of the balance, mobility, using the whole body, leaving the line of attack, reading motion of the opponent. We practiced using jo, concentrating on the repetition of basic movements, ease of the execution, connection, the ability to use both ends of the stick. We learned vigilance, worked on timing and simultaneity of attack and diffence during trainings with knife. Reaction to attack of unarmed person, someone with knife, sword or stick allowed gaining fuller understanding of the distance. Trainings of Kashima Shin Ryu kenjutsu covered work on the first three series: kihon dachi – basic positions and cuts, ura dachi – returning lost situation and ai shin kumi tachi – breaking simultaneity of actions.