Aikido Andrzej Bazylko
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Shoden Kashima no Tachi

I have the honour to announce, on behalf of Inaba Minoru sensei and myself, that the following persons have been awarded the rank of Shoden Kashima no Tachi: Jacek Czerniachowicz, Janusz Biegas, Dominika Korzeniowska, Robert Kudelski, Piotr Ożdziński and Ewa Bazylko.

The ranks of Shoden Kashima no Tachi were awarded to non-Japanese by Master Inaba and his direct disciple, the holder of the rank of Okuden Kashima no Tachi, for the first time. These individuals are thus paving the way for others. The rank is a recognition of their efforts so far, but it is not a reward, but an invitation to take responsibility and work together to transmit Inaba sensei’s teaching, an encouragement to consciously work on oneself and support others in their development, both on the path of Budo and in other areas of life. The point of Master Inaba’s teaching is to keep the legacy of the Kashima school alive and serve to develop people and build a healthy society.

We share this honour and responsibility with Tomasz Sowiński sensei and his students, who have also been awarded the rank of Shoden Kashima no Tachi: Mariusz Seroczyński, Janusz Brodacki and Magdalena Boruta.

Andrzej Bazylko