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Aikido Andrzej Bazylko
Aikido Andrzej Bazylko Warszawa - efektywne nauczanie aikido, skuteczna samoobrona, aikido dla dzieci, aikido dla młodzieży, nauczanie aikido dzieci młodzieży i dorosłych, skuteczna obrona przed każdym rodzajem ataku

Fourth Kashima Shin Ryu seminar for advanced people

On March 3, 2018, the fourth seminar of Kashima Shin Ryu kenjutsu led by Andrzej Bazylko sensei took place. The first three series of the kenjutsu katajutsu were repeated in the first part of the seminar: kihon dachi, ura dachi and ai shin kumitachi. The next part included studying the first five kata from the fourth series of jissen kumi tachi, which is a simulation of a duel, a fight in a short distance.