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Aikido Andrzej Bazylko
Aikido Andrzej Bazylko Warszawa - efektywne nauczanie aikido, skuteczna samoobrona, aikido dla dzieci, aikido dla młodzieży, nauczanie aikido dzieci młodzieży i dorosłych, skuteczna obrona przed każdym rodzajem ataku

ISBA summer seminar in Stara Wieś

We participated in International Shiseikan Budo Association summer seminar held in the Centre of Japanese Sports and Martial Arts on the 18-23 August 2014 in „Dojo – Stara Wieś”, directed by the Director of Meiji Jingu Shiseikan Budojo sensei Takashi Araya. About 100 particpants from 9 countries practiced techniques of taijutsu based on the sword techniques and kenjutsu Kashima Shin Ryu. Except for regular trainings, we spent many hours improving various forms in the one-to-one way of working.