Andrzej Bazylko

Andrzej Bazylko started his adventure with Aikido in October 1987. In October 1991, he began teaching aikido, and in September 1996 founded Aikido Andrzej Bazylko. He’s a regular teacher there, directs numerous seminars, summer and winter camps. He taught Aikido and Kenjutsu in Japan, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Azerbaijan and United Arab Emirates.He became a member of the Technical Committee of the Polish Federation of Aikido in February 2014. He was nominated to 6 dan aikido Aikikai by Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba in January 2019. Kashima No Tachi master sensei Minoru Inaba offered him Kashima No Tachi Okuden in November 2019.

He has made his first trip to Cercle Christian Tissier in Vincennes in September 1990. Then he returned there many times. First alone, but later with his disciples. He decided to study aikido under direction of sensei Christian Tissier (8 dan aikido Aikikai), who accepted him as a disciple.

Andrzej Bazylko shared the privilege of participating in Seigo Yamaguchi (8 dan aikido Aikikai) sensei – teacher of Tissier sensei, seminars. The wish of fathoming a secret of unusual beauty of Yamaguchi sensei movements and efficiency of his techniques effected Andrzej Bazylko decision of teaching aikido. Running into other great disciples of Seigo Yamaguchi sensei – Seishiro Endo (8 dan aikido Aikikai) sensei and Masatoshi Yasuno (8 dan aikido Aikikai) sensei – had also a strong influence on his understanding of aikido. Learning aikido from Christian Tissier sensei led to the fascination of japanese sword.

Getting together with Minoru Inaba sensei (8 dan aikido Aikikai) – master of Kashima No Tachi swordsmanship was crucial for Andrzej Bazylko. He’s a disciple of Inaba sensei from May 2002. Minoru Inaba sensei – the favorite disciple of XVIII headmaster of Kashima Shin Ryu sensei Kunia Zeny’a, had the greatest influence on his understanding of Budo.

Mastering the techniques of Christian Tissier sensei would not be possible without the help of his outstanding student Pascal Durchon (6 dan Aikikai aikido), who is  Andrzej Bazylko‘s friend for years. Joint training sessions, discussions, readings have deepened the passion and let discover the secrets of Budo. They facilitated the understanding of teaching of Minoru Inaba sensei.

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