Aikido for women

Aikido dla kobietSelf-defense

Aikido is a martial art in which physical parameters are not decisive. For this reason, basically anyone can practice it and use it effectively. By training Aikido, we not only work on defence in the moment of direct physical danger - an attack - but also in situations of psychological violence (by working with the body, we work on strengthening ourselves mentally) as well as space awareness and attentiveness in the context of safety, i.e. recognising and anticipating danger before it happens. As women, we are more likely to be exposed to physical or psychological violence in our daily lives, but we also often work in caring professions or looking after our own children, where anticipating and preventing various dangers is embedded in our daily functioning, and this is where the tatami experience comes in very handy.

Good shape

Being in good physical and mental shape, we cope much better with everyday challenges and get more out of life and, above all, take care of our health. Aikido training is good time for yourself, during which you improve your body's fitness, flexibility and agility. We can start at any time, even without any physical preparation, because we always adapt the way we practice to our current abilities, so that step by step we develop and gain better form. In our club, you can exercise even if you have all kinds of physical difficulties, as we usually manage to work out the right form of exercise for you.

Inner harmony

Working with the body, learning to breathe properly, as well as working in a group, i.e. learning how to react to the other person's actions, finding oneself in a group helps one to gradually relax and achieve greater inner balance, as well as to cope better with relationships.

An important principle in our club is to practice together, i.e. beginners and advanced people of different ages and abilities always practice together. This is very important so that we gain confidence in different circumstances, have the opportunity to gain different experiences and meet different people. This kind of work in a spirit of mutual respect and trust is very empowering and helps to gain more tools, ways to react in different life situations.

Practising Aikido in our club is not only about time spent on the tatami, but it is also an opportunity to participate in many national and international events, which is a chance to develop and meet a great many interesting people.

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