The etiquette is a set of rules of conduct which apply in the dojo.

  • When we enter or leave the dojo or gym, we should make a bow in the direction of kamiza or wall on which hangs the emblem.
  • Consider the time needed to prepare the dojo, including tatami or mats. All disciples should participate in preparations.
  • Leave slippers in front of the tatami side by side with heels turned to the tatami. After entering the mat, we make a bow in sitting position called seiza in the direction of the kamiza. We make similar bow before leaving tatami.
  • The training starts with a common bow in seiza position. Disciples sit in a row facing the kamiza, persons with the highest rank sit on the right side. Then, sensei or teacher enters on the tatami and sits facing the disciples. All together make ​​a bow in the direction of kamiza initiated by the teacher. Then the teacher and the disciples bow to each other inviting to the common training with the wordonegaishimasu. Bow is initiated by the senior disciple. Training is finished by common bow and thanking expression arigato gozaimashita.
  • Comin in late for the class should be a unique event. In this case, keep restraint, do not disturb in exercises, sit on the edge of the tatami and wait for permission to enter the training.
  • When the teacher shows the technique or exercise for all disciples, to us or in the area where we practice, sit in seiza or crossed legged, if you have enough space. When the explanation is fisnished, make a bow and continue your practice.
  • Exercise with a partner start and finish the bow.
  • Wearing any jewellery during the training is prohibited. Do not eat, drink, or chew gum. Maintain cleanliness. This applies to both individuals and clothing. Mobile phones should be muted.
  • Talking  on the tatami shall be limited to the absolute minimum. If you want to ask something, wait until sensei approaches or, if possible, try to approach him. Do not cry through the whole dojo.
  • Sensei must agree in advance, if you want to leave the mat.
  • Immediately report any injury to the teacher. Further training without his consent is, in this case, impossible.
  • Any aggression, verbal or physical, is unacceptable.  Treat others with respect and understanding.
  • Attempts to force while executing techniques are prohibited. If in doubt, ask sensei for advice. Security of our partners should be our duty.
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