Our history

Aikido Andrzej Bazylko club was founded in September 1996 by Andrzej Bazylko sensei (6 dan aikido Aikikai, okuden Kashima Shin Ryu). Regular classes include teaching of aikido according to the school of  Christian Tissier sensei (8 dan aikido Aikikai) and Kashima Shin Ryu kenjutsu in terms of master of the school –  Minoru Inaba sensei (8 dan aikido Aikikai). Seminars and camps directed by Andrzej Bazylko sensei are organised. Trainings at all level, alike for children, youth and adults, are conducted. The club is a member of the Polish Aikido Federation, and Andrzej Bazylko sensei – member of Technical Board of Polish Aikido Federation.

Twenty five aikido camps, both summer and winter, were organised. The club organizes every year seminars directed by Pascal Durchon (6 dan aikido Aikikai) – one of the best Christian Tissier‘s students. 33 of such seminars were held by now. The club members participate also in Christian Tissier seminars organised in Poland and seminars with other leading teachers.

The club activity doesn’t only bound to local events. It also encloses participation in foreign seminars. We work under the direction of Minoru Inaba sensei during Budo seminars organized in Japan and Europe. Repeatedly we enjoyed the hospitality of master Minoru Inaba in Shiseikan at the Meiji Temple in Tokyo. Seminars directed by Seigo Yamaguchi sensei (8th dan Aikikai Aikido) were crucial for us. We profit regularly of the experience of his student Christian Tissier sensei during seminars organized in France and Germany. We visit the dojo of Tissier sensei in Vincennes, as well as dojos in Puteaux, Eragny and Carrières-sur-Seine, where Pascal Durchon sensei teaches. Teaching of Seishiro Endo sensei (8th dan Aikikai Aikido) has a significant impact on us.

The club delegation, counting four people, participated in May 2003 in the trip to Japan, prepared by Polish Aikido Federation. Trip was organised in order to have trainings directed by Minoru Inaba sensei in the Shiseikan dojo at Meiji Temple in Tokyo and in the dojo of Kashima, where Kashima Shin school was founded. We participated in trainings at Aikido Hombu Dojo in Tokyo as well. We hosted students of Tokyo University, disciples of Shigeho Tanaka sensei (9th dan aikido Aikikai) and Minoru Inaba sensei in March 2004. AAB delegation, counting six people, participated in another trip to Japan in May 2005 . We learned Budo secrets in Shiseikan and in Kita Shiga. We also practised in O’Sensei dojo in Iwama under Hiroshi Isoyama sensei (8th dan aikido Aikikai).  Seven people from AAB participated in October 2005 in Minoru Inaba sensei seminar in Heidelberg. The AAB representatives were in Tokyo in following years  for several weeks scholarships, instructor seminars and regular classes.

Due to the PFA commision the AAB organised in June 2006 seminar directed by Masatoshi Yasuno sensei (8 dan aikido Aikikai). We took part in October 2006 in the organisation of seminar and gala on the occasion of 30th anniversary of aikido in Poland,  in which the AAB members participated in five demonstrations.

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