Some cool seminars

For unsaturated good times were coming. It’s going to be some interesting seminars. September 21-22, Paul Smith sensei (6 dan) will teach Kashima Shin Ryu kenjutsu in Warsaw. October 5-6, you can profit of the experience of Pascal Norbelly sensei (6 dan) – one of the most important disciples of Christian Tissier sensei (7 dan). October 12-13, Katsuyuki Shimamoto sensei (8 dan) will remind us of his teacher’s Kisaburo Osawa sensei (9 dan) soft aikido and the fact that aikido is expressed not only through techniques, but also by the attitude towards other people. October 19-20, Andrzej Bazylko sensei (5 dan) will teach aikido and Kashima Shin Ryu kenjutsu in Lodz.