Polish Kashima Shin Ryu leaders visit Minoru Inaba sensei at Shiseikan

Andrzej Bazylko, Tomasz Sowiński and Adam Radecki – Polish Kashima Shin Ryu leaders visited, on the 5 – 11 November 2016 at Shiseikan in Tokyo, Minoru Inaba sensei – master of Kashima Shin Ryu. Seminar started with trainings at the Tokyo Olympic Center swimming pool, where Inaba sensei taught how to move smoothly walking into the water and control center of gravity. Doing shiko, exercise of sumo wrestlers, consisting of lifting one leg and the other one alternately and stamping them together and lowering center of gravity, into the water introduced tachi oyogu – swimming in vertical position. Impressions from the training in the water were used while doing kesa giri and batto jutsu forms at the dojo.