20 years already…

20 years already…

Andrzej BAZYLKO was one of the first Polish aikidoist, who came to France to learn upon Christian TISSIER.
In 1990, few years later, Christian TISSIER was invited by Polish Federation to direct his first seminar in Poland; Pascal DURCHON, our teacher accompanied him.

They were hosted by Jerzy POMIANOWSKI, current president of Polish Federation and Andrzej, pioneer of Ch. TISSIER’s style in Poland.

The meeting held 20 years ago was the foundation for the intensive exchange between our countries.
Thanks to Jerzy POMIANOWSKI, the ambassador of Poland in Japan, Andrzej and Pascal could meet and become disciples of INABA sensei, the director of Shiseikan in Tokyo, former teacher of Kenjutsu of their teacher from France.

Their passion to Aikido and Kenjutsu makes occasion to the regular meetings in Japan and in Europe.

Thank you these three teachers for the possibility to profit from the teaching of high quality.

Our congratulation for Andrzej Bazylko on the occasion of his nomination to the grade of 5 Dan.